Party Wall Surveying

Expert Advice on Party Walls and Boundary Structures

In England and Wales the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 aims to protect neighbouring properties when work is being carried out on an adjoining property.

When planning an extension or construction project that affects the boundary line or party wall that divides the two properties, there is strict legislation that must be adhered to and for which professional guidance should be sought.

Included in this is work to foundations, structural repairs, alterations, cutting into walls, underpinning and extending or reducing a party wall.

Similarly, excavating or constructing foundations that are within 3.00 metres or 6.00 metres of an adjoining property (depending on the depth of foundation required) require the advice of a party wall surveyor.

Use our dependable guidance to help you through your new project. As experienced Chartered Building Consultants, we are able to assess and provide guidance with all party wall and lines of junction/boundary issues.

Our Party Wall Surveying service offers the following:

  • Providing free initial advice

  • Ensuring that the building owner is aware of his responsibilities under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996

  • Acting as an agreed party wall surveyor for both the building owner and the adjoining building owner

  • Serving and preparing notices and awards

  • Carrying out condition surveys and issuing reports

Our experience in this area has involved both residential and commercial clients.

Alongside offering Party Wall Surveying, Nene Construction Management Services provides assistance on boundary matters.


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